Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our babies all grown UP! Please don't grow up too fast :)

This young lad always make a smile to my face. he looks happy in school, entering to 3 weeks, i can leave him at school alone.He looks so happy at school and already know how to manage himself. Legaaaaa mak ini.

He talks a lot and also makes a lot of drama. Our young lad is 6 yo this year and next year he going to enter primary school. Hopefully he can do well in school and I already fell the emptiness in the house.

Our first-born already grown up..soon she gonna sit for her SPM exam, our second-born lives in the hostel far away from us, third born also will be in secondary school next year. gosh! all my babies are grown up,how time flies so fast...Your smile, which you freely give to so many people, leaves them smiling too.You guys bring laughter to this family every day. You all are so beautiful and perfect, so absolutely amazing.Anyway, regardless if you're all grown up, you will always be my baby.

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