Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Master #5 Went To School

Heehehe...unusual moment for me. I decide to send my master#5 to school because he is so tangling with me. I'm afraid when the time arrive to send him  to school, I'm gonna have BIG, big trouble.

The moment of shopping, he was so excited. choosing his school shoes, shirts and pants. For awhile I was so relief. The day arrived and as I expected, he won't let me go. I had to stay with him at SCHOOL for about 4 hours! can you image that!

First day of school , he whatsapping his Ayah. I keep his msg because it is so funny and sweet. We never send him to any kindergarten before this yet he can read fluently by himself( only in BI)..sighhh.. I want him to go and learn like other normal kids..

Begging to his Ayah to back home early!this young lad really make my day..hahahhaha

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