Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Education week : raising boys and girls

Ahaks..dalam sibuk-sibuk kemas dan packing barang, masih ada lagi ruang untuk berblog. Came to idea wriiting this topic after my playgroup mate across to this question" how do you raise your boys and girls?" Urmm..interesting, since I've got 4 boys and a girl, would like to now what is the best tips on raising boys and girls.

We all came out with a few idea but share the same opinion. Raising boys and girls diffrently, but equally, is not always easy.These are a few ideas that I manage to collect from our playgroup discussion( worth it tau bayar $1 untuk satu session)

- Emphasise intelligence, hard work, independence, sensitivity, and preservance in your daughter. We should encourage them in "dressing up" and tell them they are beautiful but de-emphasise the important of apprearance in relation to their value
(I've started it slowly with my daughter about this and she's seems like it)
-Encourage our daughterto achieve. Set high expectations for our daughter as for our sons
(We always told this to our daughter as well to our sons, and she's improving now. Before this is
- Encorage our daughter to read stories about succesful women.(My daughter really like to read about Queen Elizabeth..consider succesful la kan )

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