Saturday, August 22, 2015

It has been a while since I last blogged about Seri and SLE....

I was just reading my old blog entries and I realized lately just how much almost everything was about Seri and SLE. And I'm so glad that I actually blogged A LOT about her.

Reading my postings on her chronologically brings me through the journey of we friendship, and memories of what I had blogged would come back so fresh and vivid to mind - as if they just happened yesterday.

Whenever I come across stories posted by friends of lost families or friends which remind me so much of the similarities with my experience losing great friends or should I called her my "sister", I would quickly browse through this blog to recall the similar experiences I had with her, and I must again say that blogging is very rewarding in its own special way, especially to my extra Sunday :)

You see, my not-so-little "sister" lost her battle against SLE just before 5:20 am on the morning of 11th May 2015 - exactly 3 months ago. The reason I start writing about her is because I could recall every single thought that I have of her. I did not expect her to leave us on that day even though I knew that her conditions is not so good as before. The day before, I've been asked by her father to whispering to her about Syahadah and I did whisper to her, wished her a salaam and planting a slight kiss on her forehead.

The next day, I received a phone call from her beloved sister , Kak Ana or I usually address her as Intan at 5:50 telling that her only little sister passed away peacefully just before 5:40 pm, surrounded by her. She is the only person that held her and whisper to her the kalimah of syahadah and watching her loves one rest peacefully for the rest of her life. Her pengkebumian was done on that day after solat Zohor and she was buried at her home-birth land in Gaal, Pasir Puteh. I was there for while but couldn't wait for the burial process because need to fetch my son at school. I saw her for the last time, such a beautiful person she is, give kiss on her forehead and there it goes....I need to let her go.. Let her go and rest to The Maha Pencipta.

Semoga Allah ampunkan segala dosa-dosa Seri, dan kumpulkan roh Seri bersama golongan yang berimaan dan dikasihiNya. Semoga dilapangkan serta diterangkan kubur Seri, dan dijauhi dari seksaan kubur dan api neraka, dan semoga Allah tempatkan roh Seri di taman syurga firdausyNya. Aamiin.

Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarhamah Wan Seri Idanie bt Wan Hamzah.

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