Thursday, November 25, 2010

Touched by Pike River mine tragedy..

After two months of the earthquakes hits Christchurch, there come again another tragedy that hits Greymouth, West Coast, Pine River mines explosion. This time it tooks 29 strong goodman. 29 trapped miners could not have survived a second explosion, marking New Zealand's worst single loss of life since Erebus.

It really shocks us( tak tahula yg lain..might be aku ni jenis over sensitive kot??). Why i chhose to publish about this tragedy? It is because we been to Greymouth early this year. This little town has a tremendous view and the little community was very strong. Every time we talks to local, they all very proud of their little town. I'm so impressed. After the story about Pike River mine exposio n at Greymouth my heart goes shrinking. I 've didn't know all 29 men but when I saw the pictures of them, it knock me so hard.. !!..Aku ni mmg amat sensitive dgn tragedy2 mcm ni..tak kisahlah apa bangsa @agama sekali pun..

One mine explosion – most likely unsurvivable. But all families clung to hope. Double up – two explosions – a greater power holds the ace hand. Twice within a week, nature's response has been devastating. Toxic gases, concussion, life-sapping forces, probably flame – certainly extreme temperatures were visited on the workforce of Pike River. At first, certainly in the first few days, for many right up until yesterday, there was hope that at least some would sad..esterday afternoon, six days on, no time to wonder any more. Another explosion. Maybe bigger than the first. That was the end. S

All of them went to work and did not come home. Tdere's someone mates,husbands, sons, fathers, uncles, grandads who lay together inside that foreboding chamber in the Paparoas, Pike River mine. Some of them is due to marry his fiancée next month,another of was working his first shift at the mine at the time of the explosion and he's only 17 years old!!one of them is due to become a father in May.
These are the 29 strong good man:
Who are the missing Pike River miners? (Photos) - Photogallery - National - 3 News
To all 29 strong goodmen families: I know how hard an unexpected loss is. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy at this tragic time.

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