Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Compilation of Children's Poem

Copied this from my son's school book. Really enjoy the collection of poems and it suit for kids age from 3-5 years. I'm not the poem person but since my son brought it home and asked me to listen to it, I fall in love..hahahaa..just enjoy..

Spring Magic
Spring is the time,
of magics sights,
Of blossoms, lambs and bees.

Of flowers
colorful and bright,
And butterflies on the breeze.

My grandpa
Just loves to talk
As we explore
And take a walk.
We play games
And have great fun.
My grandpa is the

Grandma has a lovely smile,
She'll sit with me for quite a while
And make up stories just for me
Then give me special treats for tea.

Little Kiwi
I'm feathery
And brown
I'm a bird
Who can't fly
I'm a little kiwi
And I'm very shy

Fire Engine
I'm a little fire engine
With a ladder and a hose

And when there is a fire
My siren goes.

Magnets are
Amazing things.
They pick up metal,
nails and pins.

They pick up steel
And nickel too,
It's lucky they
Can't pick up you!

Guy Fawkes
Fire crackers pop
And rockets shoot up high,
Bursting into stars
Lighting up the sky.

The Beach
Building castles
In the sand,
Swimming in the sea.

I love going
To the beach,
It's just the place for me!

Summer Days
Picnics in the park
And dancing butterflies.
Playing on the beach
under clear blue sunny skies.

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