Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another grandson for my parent...

* Little Harith with his mum, my sister in law - Shiba..

Yesterday I received an email from my brother. He send me the latest picture of his son which I've never get a chance to see him. He so big and chubby little boy..just like adib when he was a little boy. Last year I've got 2 new family member..both were boys!!. One is my sister in law's son. I just remember his last name Azim. I've been told that my late mother in law is really admire with this name and that is how azim's got his name..lucky him! unfortunely I don't have his picture with me. Gosh! this auntie can't remember his full name and never got chance to see him yet..

The second one is my brother's son..another grandson for my parents. His name is Harith bin Mohd Afizzi. I already saw a few pictures of this Harith..ehehheehhe..can't wait to go back and meet this two little fellows..wait arr boys..auntie will come back soon and gomol-gomol you all ...( nak ke tidak budak-budak ni)...miss you both!

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