Monday, February 16, 2009

Nilai sebuah persahabatan..

Ralit mendengar kisah sahabat yang dalam dilema. Niat hanya untuk menolong, tapi disalaherti..kasihan..bila niat disalah tafsir, maka hilang sudah persahabatan yang dijalin sebelum ini. sayangnya...

To my dearest friend, be strong as a wind so that you can able to blow all those nasty feelings...

Just to cheer up...

is it my fault ?
Am i to blame
I didn't take you for granted
And I never will

It's just things are changing
So many new things to do
So much to explore
Can't take it all in

Hope you understand
That I'm not abandoning you
I'm just exploring
And spreading my wings

I won't forget you
I can't cause you've been a part of me
We've spend many times together
We've been part of each other

Don't ever think
that I've change
Cause I didn't
And I won't

Just try to understand
That I have not abandoned
Nor would I forsake you
Cause you are my friend

Don't misunderstood me
Don't turn your back on me
Cause all I want is you
But you must give me space

end of summer 09- Lincoln

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