Sunday, March 1, 2009

Husna special momento

My Dear Husna,

I wrote this entry specially dedicated to you, my daughter. Umi wrote this just for you to remembered all the sweetest memories that you gain from your old school back in Malaysia , SK Sri Petaling. You start your year at primary school in class 1 Kenanga. Starting quate slow make us a bit worried but you impressed us bit by bit. At first we just let you follow the flow as we don't want you to be stress. We just want you to have fun at school and at the same time achieve in your study.
* SK Sri Petaling- , represent Petaling Jaya zone to State level at Qalam Jama'i Competition and they turned up as 2nd runner up winner . You go girls.!!!.
Venue : Sepang

The highest achievement is you and your team can competed in the state level for Qalam Jama'ai- Choral Speaking in Arabic. I still remembered that day, we went to SRK seksyen 27, Shah Alam just to see you compete in district level. As a underdog team, the judge don't expect your team at all. After the impressing performance and your team move to next level. Competed with the existing winning team was challenging. At this point, you all was so relax and the most panicking people at the scenes was the parents and the teachers. Surprising your team was announced as a winner and made it to the state level.
* The proud team. Well done teachers!..segala penat lelah selama 6 bulan berbaloi..

* With your bff- nurin and Julietta..

For that competition you need to be in the camp at Sepang and that is the first you've been away from us. As the result your team was the 2nd runner up and cannot make it to the national level. But that was ok because at the first time your school and your team can competed in state level. That really make the teachers, families very proud for that achievement.
* At the award day, U turn up as a best student for science and English subjects and got first place for your last examination in Malaysia.Venue : PJ

* Husna at the move. with the rope movement..the last movement of that day!..
venue : Shah Alam

After the excellent job in choral speaking, you've represent your school at rhythmic gymrama competition at Shah Alam and even tho you've not wining any title but then you impressed me and make us proud. With that young age, you make us realized " Do not under estimate you child capabilities". With the flying color of result, you've ended your year at SK Sri Petaling with a full of happiest memories. Your academic was excellent and so do with your curriculum. Your journey is still long and hopefully you can maintain it and may success always be with you. Love you baby!

Lots of lots of loves,

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